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Centralized Management

With Dookr you are able to manage all components of your store from one place by making data from every department available to you, even from the comfort of your home. You have instant access to required information, activities and transactions data in real time, 24/7. When all this data is easily available at once, you save time and energy of having to contact other departments for the information needed.





Do More With Less

With Dookr POS, repetitive manual work is eliminated, helping you cut back time spent on daily operations and back office tasks and promote efficiency within your business shortening your tasks and getting more done during the day. Now, you have more time to work on other pressing issues and tasks. You're able to Improve staff productivity, Boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs by handling more work by less staff.






Maintain Relationships not Spreadsheets

Collaboration is an essential part of a thriving school, after all poor communication and lack of collaboration often comes as a result of not having access to the data needed. Because information is centralized and streamlined, your are able to focus on building and maintaining relationships instead of maintaining spreadsheets. With Skooly you’re able to provide better interaction between parents, teachers & school management. You can easily keep parents up to-date with their children’s progress in school.


Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind

With our comprehensive reporting system, you enjoy greater peace of mind and confidence of having a better overall “big picture” idea of how the business is operating, which is vital when it comes to responding to changes and improving overall financial planning of the business. This allows the owner to make an effective decision on time and respond quickly to a changing business environment and can detect any potential issues that may bump the productivity level. When data is easily available and consistently updated, you are able to make the best decisions for the business.






Safeguard Your Data

Merging information from multiple sources often causes errors and conflicts between sources. Mishandling or loss of students data can be of serious consequences to the school. With Dookr you’re assured of accuracy, consistency and security of your data. Errors, loss and costs are greatly reduced. As a result, there’s less friction and improved synergy between departments. This allows you to continually improve the way in which you operate your business.

Go Paperless

When it comes to store management, there are tons of documents and papers floating around. It can be difficult staying on top of all of these documents, especially when most of them should be stored securely and kept confidentially. Dookr has an in-built Document Management System that helps organizations to reduce your paper consumption to a great extent which is not just cost effective but is Eco-friendly as well.



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Seize every opportunity with DOOKR

Have all the tools you need to manage your business, market to customers, and sell everywhere in one place. Guaranteed to save you time, increase the accuracy of your inventory, and help you make informed decisions for your business


Dookr comes with an incredible set of customizable features and modules to assist with your Store Administration tasks and Complex processes.

Stock Management (Items and Kits)
Suppliers Management Items Stock Management Items Kits for Items groups Barcode support, Barcode generation Inventory counting Items Management: Category Naming and Image Items Management Taxation Items Price Management Managing Stock for multi location
Low-Stock Notifications and Auto-Order Suggestions
Get notified when a product is getting low and even suggest certain orders to refill the product.
Customized Messages & Bulk SMS
Skooly can also be used by the school to send customized messages to parents / guardians or teachers regarding any event happening in school, such as meetings and school progress
Comprehensive Reporting System
Skooly has a Comprehensive reporting system with automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time. The school can easily generate weekly, monthly and yearly reports and share it with parents.
User Friendly & Mobile Responsive Design
Skooly is developed for Simplicity and Performance offering Zero data redundancy and Eliminating people-dependent processes. It is designed with Interactive and user and mobile friendly interfaces requiring minimal learning and IT skills.
High level data security Design
Skooly works with Authenticated profile dependent access to data offering High level data security Design for unproblematic scalability.
N-Tier Architecture Design
Skooly allows multiple users to work simultaneously from multiple locations on a single database. Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access.
In-built Document Management System
Go paperless with our In-built Document Management System that helps organizations to reduce their paper consumption to a great extent which is not just cost effective but is eco friendly as well.




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